Self-drive boats are offered for hire by Sutton Staithe Boatyard Ltd (referred to in these conditions as ‘the Company’). Any contract to hire a boat with the company incorporates the conditions below and is between the Company and you as the Hirer. ‘The Hirer’ includes all members of the party hiring the vessel.

All boats offered for hire by the Company are licensed by the Broads Authority and operate in accordance with the said Authorities Code of Practice for boat hire procedures 2005.

Boats are only hired to members of the public over 18 years old. Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to drive the self-drive motorboats.
The Company reserves the right not to hire a boat to any person whom it considers unsuitable to operate the vessel.
No liability to the Hirer is accepted by the Company, for loss or damage to the Hirer’s belongings.
No liability to the Hirer is accepted by the Company, for injury or death of the Hirer during the course of the hire or during embarkation or disembarkation. Hirers use the pontoons, quays and other landings on the river entirely at their own risk.


Instruct the Hirer to operate all safety and other equipment on board the boat and instruct the Hirer how to operate the propulsion system, but the Hirer uses the same at their own risk.
Ensure that the boat and its equipment are in a functional state during the hire and there is sufficient fuel / energy for the hire.
Provide and fit life jackets / buoyancy aids for all the members of the party, with the exception of very small babies.
Take advanced bookings only on the condition but no refunds will be made unless the contract is cancelled by the Company in the event of high winds, poor river conditions or if the boat is unavailable due to breakdown. Rain and/or cold weather alone is an insufficient reason for the Company to make a refund unless it is deemed unsafe to hire a boat out.


Use the boat in a manner which is consistent with the rules of navigation, obey the speed limits and shall at all times take into consideration other uses of the river whether in boats or not.
Not use the boat after dusk (no hire boats are licensed or insured for use after dusk).
Be responsible for extra hire fees if the boat is late in being returned for any reason except if such lateness is caused by a failure of the propulsion system or of equipment in the boat. In which case the Hirer shall be entitled to a refund of the hire fees in proportion affected by such failure but no further compensation unless the Company has failed to take reasonable care.
Ensure that all members of the party comply with the terms and conditions.
Be liable to the Company for all damage to the boat, its contents and equipment caused by the Hirer’s unreasonable behaviour or misuse of the vessel.
Return the boat after hire in a reasonable state and condition, as it was when it was hired. If the Company is obliged to clean, tidy or repair the boat as a result of the failure of the Hirer to comply with the terms and conditions the Hirer shall pay the Company a reasonable fee for such extra work.
All members of the hirers party will wear the life jacket / buoyancy aid provided by the company at all times when on the boat.

Boating it can be hazardous. While the Company has taken all reasonable care in the preparation of the vessel and the provision of safety equipment, the Hirer is responsible for their own safety; the safety of third parties affected by their actions and the safe return of the vessel. The Hirer will be liable to repay the Company for any loss or damage to the boat or its equipment caused by the action or negligence of the Hirer.