Antifouling is the process of applying protective paint to the bottom of a boat. Unlike regular paint, antifoul paint is specifically designed to protect the hull from marine growth. This not only keeps the hull clean but improves fuel efficiency.

Here at Sutton Staithe Boatyard, we pride ourselves on doing a good job. We will steam clean and remove any loose materials from the underside before applying the antifoul.  Applying 1 coat all over the bottom with a second coat around the waterline.

We can repaint or add boot lines.

In our price for antifouling, we will also wash your hull and fenders. We will inspect your under-water gear and report back to you on any issues found.

We can take photos for you and you are welcome to visit and view your boat whilst out of the water.

Our price is £19.75 per foot including VAT.

For further information or to book your antifoul please call 01692 581653 or email