Thinking of having a Bow Thruster and/or a Stern Thruster fitted?

The use of a Thruster makes cruising a lot easier and you less dependent on having crew with you. So you can go out on the water whether you’re alone or with others.

Thrusters are a type of propeller shaped system fitted either on the bow (forward part) and/or stern part (back part) of the boat.

The addition of bow thrusters allows a boat to move to the side (port/left or starboard/right) without forward or backward thrust from the engine or rudder.  Thrusters use suction to draw in water from one side of the boat and push it out the other side to move the boat in the opposite direction. Mooring becomes much easier.

To conclude, having a Bow or Stern Thruster fitted, and used correctly will make your boating easier, safer and a more stress free experience.

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