Sutton Staithe Boatyard Ltd Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions - Boat Hire

If you need to cancel your booking.  Please give us as much notice as possible. We hope you will be able to reschedule your booking or exchange for a Gift Voucher for future use. However, if you cannot reschedule and wish for a refund, providing we can rebook your hire slot then we are happy to give you a full refund.

Terms and Conditions - Sutton Staithe Broads Boat Recovery Club

Membership to Sutton Staithe Boat Recovery Club provides a 24 hour call out service to your boat and recovery by our purpose-built tugs. From the breakdown we will endeavor to get to you by road and repair you. If you cannot be repaired, we will tow you to any boatyard within a 10-mile radius, or back to your home mooring or our boatyard at Sutton Staithe.
Please note we do not offer a Home Start Service.
We offer you peace of mind for up to six call outs per year and a 10% discount off next year's membership should you have no call outs within your membership year.
Members of our club are entitled to a discount of 10% off the cost of labour resulting from the breakdown and off the labour charge of an engine service.
Please be advised that if at any time you feel your or your crew's life is at risk or you are drifting into danger, please call 999 and ask for the relevant service.

General Conditions

  1. The boat is covered and not the owner. The Membership is transferable to another boat in your ownership but not to a new owner, but should you sell the boat during the twelve-month membership period then any remaining full months will be refunded
  2. Your membership must be in place for 48 hours before any call-out
  3. You are covered for up to six call outs per year. Any call outs over the six    will be charged at         our usual rate of £60.00/£120.00 call out charge and £80.00 per hour for towing
  4. You must keep your boat properly maintained and serviced annually
  5. Your boat must have a current valid Insurance Certificate
  6. Your boat must have a current Boat Safety Certificate
  7. Your boat must have the appropriate Broads Authority Licence
  8. The information you have given to us, as far as you know, must be correct and complete. If you have failed to give us complete and accurate information or have not met the terms and conditions, this could lead to assistance being denied or your membership being invalid
  9. We may cancel this membership with immediate effect if our relationship has broken down
  10. We endeavour to reach your boat as quickly as we can but may be delayed if we are already on a call out, affected by adverse weather conditions, vehicle, equipment, or system failure
  11. The additional propeller service covers recovery of your boat, diver clearance, lift out to enable removal of fouling and relaunch of your boat at nearest available boatyard
  12. Our service covers you on the areas of waters covered known as the Norfolk Broads

General Exclusions

  1. We will not provide assistance in connection with any failure or domestic electrical systems, domestic appliances or plumbing on board the vessel
  2. Your boat is not covered for operator failure or neglect
  3. Abusive language or threats to our staff will result in calls being discontinued or engineers leaving the vessel. We reserve the right to charge you for any parts fitted or any call out cost in this event


Terms and Conditions - Work Completed

  • Definition
    • The "Boat Owner" “you” Means the person who agrees to have work undertaken on their boat, engine or outboard from us the ‘Company’.
    • The "Company" “we” “us” Means Sutton Staithe Boatyard Ltd, Sutton Staithe Boatyard, Sutton, Norwich. NR12 9QS
    • "Terms and Conditions" Means the Terms and Conditions of Work undertaken.
  • Basis of Contract
    • These Terms and Conditions govern the work undertaken
    • All works undertaken will be completed to a high standard
    • The Company will stand by their work unless the work is impacted by previously undeclared or unseen factors
    • The Company will undertake all works as agreed with the Boat Owner and will make the Boat Owner aware of any issues as work progresses
  • Price and Payment
    • The Company will produce work estimates to the best of their ability. The Boat Owner will accept these estimates in the knowledge that prices do increase and if more work is required once the task commences the Company will advise the Boat Owner before progressing
    • The Boat Owner will make payment in full before the vessel is released from the Company
  • Warranty
    • The Company will always stand by the work it undertakes
    • This warranty may be void if The Company is using ‘customer supplied’ parts and materials
    • The Company will always be prepared to hold face to face conversations concerning any issues from our customers


Terms and Conditions - Boat Sales 

Boats are sold at a commission of 8% including VAT. Subject to a minimum charge of £800.00 inc VAT.
Included in this is the first 2 months storage or mooring.

If the boat has failed to sell in 2 months, then the following charges will be applied
Moorings: will be charged @ £1.00 per foot per week inc VAT
Hard standing: will be charged @ 50p per foot per week inc VAT
Maintenance: boats for sale will be subject to a monthly inspection and any cleaning required will be reported to the owner. The owner will be required to undertake the work or instruct us to do so at our current hourly rate.
Insurance: all boats for sale must be insured and details provided.
If while the boat is for sale you decide to sell your boat privately from our site, (eBay, Gumtree, or private agreement) then the following charges will apply.
For boats in the water a back charge of £1.00 per foot per week from the date the boat arrived at our yard to the date of removal, plus a 2% commission on the selling price.  Subject to a minimum fee of £800 Inc Vat.
For boats on hard standing a back charge of 50p per foot per week from the date the boat arrived at our yard to the date of removal, plus a 2% commission on the selling price. Subject to a minimum fee of £800 Inc Vat.
The boat cannot be removed from the site until this charge has been settled in full.
If a purchase has been agreed with paperwork completed and you (the seller) withdraws from the sale then the commission as listed above is still chargeable and becomes due immediately.

Please note the following
While the boats are for sale they must remain insured by you (the owner) we do not accept any responsibly for any loss or damage that may occur while your boat is for sale with us.